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Reflexology, Reiki and massage available near Woodbridge and Aldeburgh in Suffolk

Positive tools for transforming your life.

Complementary therapies available in Orford, Woodbridge, Suffolk in the Suffolk Sandlings.

Stress is a major cause of disease in our lives. Finding ways to relax our mind and body help us to reduce the tension caused when stress builds up. Stress is not always about worry and anxiety. It can be over-activity of mind or body which places our body in an unbalanced place. We need to try to find ways to "take the pressure off".

You are welcome to download the guide below for your own use. Save it to your ipad or computer rather than printing it off to do your bit for the environment.

I now have a Client Downloads page where you will find new self help guides which you can download for free over the next few months. So do pop back and see if there is anything useful for you. The latest Mindfulness guide has just been uploaded 01/10/19.

I have just shared a “Stress self help” guide on my client download page. I thought I would share a story about my own experience of managing stress here. Once upon a time I had a busy and pressurised management role in education. I loved my job. I taught adults, and as a therapist teaching anatomy I used to teach my students all about the stress response and about good stress “eustress” and bad stress, “distress”. In my management role I sometimes had to manage complex staffing issues and one of those experiences made me so ill with stress despite all my knowledge that I had to take several weeks off work. I literally walked away and sat on top of a hillside believing that I was going to have to walk away from my job, with no replacement for it despite a mortgage and other living costs to pay, as I could not cope any more.

It is possible that could have been the right decision, but in the time off I did nothing and thought about nothing to do with work. I slept for as long as I wanted. I went out for walks, saw friends and family and did not think once about the problems at work. As I was working in education I had holidays booked very soon after this enforced absence so I had a couple of months in total to recuperate. I stopped worrying about whether to give up my job or go back. It was the break I needed. Eventually when my mind had cleared I began to think about the job I had, not about the issues but about how I might go about it in a different way.

Because I had owned my own business previously I realised that I was trying to work for an institution in the way I would run my own business and that was leading me to burn out. I realised that as a manager I was always going to face difficult situations - it was what I was being paid for - so I decided not to give up but to change how I worked and to change my own expectations of myself. I went back to work, re-organised everything from my desk and filing to how I dealt with emails and work tasks and I stopped feeling so responsible for everyone else. I was still a manager and I found I still loved my job but now I could look after myself first. And, when eventually, the job changed so much that I did not love it any more, I left on my terms, to pursue my new life in Suffolk.

My name is Daphne Gardner. My own journey with reflexology and other complementary therapies began over thirty years ago. The benefits to my overall well-being encouraged me to train as a reflexologist in 1994 to share these benefits with others and I practised for eleven years in Surrey. I also trained as a massage therapist and in Reiki. My commitment to my own personal development, and the well-being of others, led me to explore both Reiki and holistic massage and to pursue a career in teaching complementary therapies.

My complementary therapy practice has now been based in Orford, near Woodbridge, for the last three and a half years. I am a short drive away from a number of local towns and villages including Aldeburgh, Leiston, Tunstall, Eye, Rendlesham, Butley, Hollesley and Campsea Ash.

I offer Reiki healing and massage treatments as well as reflexology. I am close to Snape, Leiston and Aldeburgh within the Suffolk coastal region. I am happy to carry out one-off treatments if you are visiting the area, or just want to treat yourself occasionally. Regular treatment is relaxing and any form of relaxation places our body and mind into a place where it can rebalance itself.

In the links to the other pages of my website listing the therapies I offer you can read a little more about what you can expect from a treatment and how treatment may be of benefit to you. I also list my charges for each therapy. Treatments are carried out in my treatment room in Orford.

Please note : no complementary therapy should be used as an alternative to seeking medical advice

CONTACT ME NOW for more information on individual therapies or for an informal chat to find out how they can help you make a commitment to your own well-being.

Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go”

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