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Reflexology, Reiki and massage available near Woodbridge and Aldeburgh in Suffolk

Positive tools for transforming your life.

The world is changing. We hear that every day whether it is our climate, our politics, our beliefs. It can feel daunting, unsettling and scary. Change is our opportunity to do things differently, for our planet, our society or perhaps most importantly of all, for ourselves. Yes, our own personal changes are important. That does not make us selfish. Our own small changes on a daily basis in our own lives affect the bigger picture.

We change one step at a time. Take one step and change something in your own life, one step at a time, one day at a time. one small thing you have the power to change. The possibilities are endless. Look back in a month, three months, six months, a year...... How much has that one change moved your life forward. What looks different in that future moment? Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine now where that small change could take you. How will your life look and feel different in that future moment, a week, a month, six months, a year from now?

The power to make that change is within you right here and now.

Complementary therapies available in Orford, Woodbridge, Suffolk in the Suffolk Sandlings.

Stress is a major cause of disease in our lives. Finding ways to relax our mind and body help us to reduce the tension caused when stress builds up. Stress is not always about worry and anxiety. It can be over-activity of mind or body which places our body in an unbalanced place. We need to try to find ways to "take the pressure off".

My name is Daphne Gardner. My own journey with reflexology and other complementary therapies began over thirty years ago. The benefits to my overall well-being encouraged me to train as a reflexologist in 1994 to share these benefits with others and I practised for eleven years in Surrey. I also trained as a massage therapist and in Reiki. My commitment to my own personal development, and the well-being of others, led me to explore both Reiki and holistic massage and to pursue a career in teaching complementary therapies.

My reflexology practice is now based in Orford, near Woodbridge. In addition, I offer Reiki healing and massage treatments as well as reflexology. I am close to Snape, Leiston and Aldeburgh within the Suffolk coastal region. I am happy to carry out one-off treatments if you are visiting the area, or just want to treat yourself occasionally. Regular treatment is relaxing and any form of relaxation places our body and mind into a place where it can rebalance itself.

In the links to the other pages of my website listing the therapies I offer you can read a little more about what you can expect from a treatment and how treatment may be of benefit to you. I also list my charges for each therapy. Treatments are carried out in my treatment room in Orford.
Please click here for information on pamper packages and my policy on home visits. And don't forget your GIFT VOUCHERS for presents and treats!

Please note : no complementary therapy should be used as an alternative to seeking medical advice

CONTACT ME NOW for more information on individual therapies or for an informal chat to find out how they can help you make a commitment to your own well-being.

“Change is painful, but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong”
Mandy Hale

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