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Holistic Massage

Massage is a hands on therapy which has been practised for thousands of years. Today's massage techniques are the result of development work by Per Henrik Ling from Sweden in the nineteenth century where he wrote "The Complete Book of Swedish Massage". There are many types of massage now available including holistic massage, shiatsu, hot stones, Indian head massage, acupressure. All are based on the same idea of improving circulation and releasing toxins which have built up in muscle tissue.

Holistic massage can be used to relax the body, or to stimulate it depending on the vigour of the massage and techniques used. In today's world many of us find tension builds up in muscles in the back, neck and shoulder areas and massage can help these muscles to relax.

What can I expect from a massage treatment?

I will start by taking information about your health and well-being and then we will discuss the treatment to be given. I offer back, neck and shoulder massage for relaxation and to help relieve muscular tension in these areas. If you wish, this can be combined with Reiki healing at the same time.

After treatment clients can feel very relaxed or tired and they may find they sleep better. Muscles in the back, neck and shoulders may feel less tight. Some individuals may experience more energy as a result of massage and it can sometimes be an invigorating treatment.

Massage Treatment



Luxury Pamper massage £75
This luxurious full body massage treatment includes a choice of massage oils for your treatment . Choose Relax, Revitalise or Calm oil. You take home your individual choice of oil plus a Gift Box of six assorted Mineral Bath infusions to continue pampering yourself. Products are all handmade and use natural products in unusual and stunning scent combinations from Banks-Lyon Botanicals. Gift pack is worth £25.50.

Standard treatments

Back, neck and shoulders 30-35 minutes £30

Please allow 45 minutes for first treatment at no extra charge.
Treatment is tailored to a therapeutic or relaxing style
massage depending on your requirements.

Full body massage 1.5 hour appointment includes consultation for first treatment at no extra charge £55

Consultation is included in the timing. Subsequent appointments last just over an hour. All treatments are tailored to individual need.

Treatments are carried out in my treatment room. I do not carry out home visits for massage.

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